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Last updated: January 7, 2012

Irish grassland and woodland ecosystems

New important projects include the ecological restoration of native woodland and grassland ecosystems and the establishment of a genetic collection of native tree species. Staff at Kilmacurragh have already began gathering a genetic oak collection for Kilmacurragh’s woodlands by the main estate gates and for the proposed David Moore Reserve to the east of the main arboretum.

The restoration of the estate’s large wildflower meadows has also become a priority. Through a series of trials and experiments over the next five years research should show us the best way to successfully restore Irish wildflower meadows and it is planned to publish our experiences and findings, thus making this information available to others who carry out similar restoration projects in the future. These native projects will also provide opportunities for postgraduate students carrying out PhD research in this area. Miles of native hedgerow will also be planted in the coming years and much of this material has been grown from thousands of seeds collected locally and these are germinated and grown on in the garden’s nursery.