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Useful Books, Floras, Information and Lists for the study of the Irish Flora available on this website

James Townsend Mackay, 1836, Flora Hibernica: the flowering plants ferns Characeae Musci Hepaticae Lichenes and Algae of Ireland arranged according to the natural system with a synopsis of the genera according to the Linnaean system. (from, scan of A.G.Moore's copy in Berkley's Biology Library)

David Moore and Alexander Goodman More, 1866 Contributions towards a Cybele Hibernica, being outlines of the geographical distribution of plants in Ireland. Hodges, Smith & Co., Dublin. (from Google books, scan of the Arnold Arboretum library copy)

Nathaniel Colgan, and Reginald Scully, 1898 Contributions towards a Cybele Hibernica. Second edition. Edward Ponsonby, Dublin. (from, scan of the Cornell Un iversity Library Copy)

Henry Chichester Hart, 1898 Flora of the County Donegal or list of the flowering plants and ferns with their localities and distribution.

Robert Lloyd Praeger, 1901 Irish Topographical Botany. (Abstract only) Published as Proc. R. Ir. Acad. (3) 7.Proceedings of the Royal. Irish Academy, Vol. (3) 7

Robert lloyd Praeger's Itineraries - his collecting trips in preparation of ITB from 1896-1900, with maps of the routes he took.

Robert Lloyd Praeger 1934 The Botanist in Ireland, A Geological, topographic, climatic and floristic summary of Ireland, that begins with the immortal words "IRELAND is a pleasant country for the botanist."

Robert Lloyd Praeger, 1949 Some Irish Naturalists: A biographical note-book.

Botanical Bibliographies to the Irish vice counties. References to the Irish flora arranged by vice counties.

David A. Webb, 1980 The Biological Vice-Counties Of Ireland. Proceedings of the Royal. Irish Academy, Vol. 80B, 179-196.
D.H.Kelly, 1984 A Note On The Vice-County Boundary Between South And North Kerry: Is Derrycunihy In H1 or H2 ? Irish Naturalists' Journal, Vol. 21, 365.
Map of vice-county boundaries (50kb low resolution); Map of vice-county boundaries (500kb high resolution)

David A. Webb., 1980 The flora of the Aran Islands. J. Life Sci. Roy. Dublin Soc. p 51-83

David A. Webb., 1984 The flora of Ireland in its European context. J. Life Sci. Roy. Dublin Soc.,: 143-160.

David A. Webb, 1986 The Hey-day of Irish Botany, 1866-1916, Botanical Society of the British Isles Conference Report No. 20. The Scottish Naturalist, pp.123-134. .

Mary J. P. Scannell and Donal M. Synnott, 1987 Census Catalogue of the Flora of Ireland, Clár de Phlandaí na hÉireann. Second Edition

T.G.F. Curtis and H.N. McGough, 1988 The Irish Red Data Book: 1. Vascular Plants. Wildlife Service Ireland.
Proposed Red Data List of Vascular Plants in Ireland (Consultation list 17th October 2005)

A.B.G. Averis and N.F.Stewart, 1995 Important Areas for Bryophyte Diversity in Ireland. Red data book of European bryophytes, European committee for Conservation of Bryophytes, Trondheim.

Patrick. A. Reilly, 2001 The Flora of County Cavan, Occasional Paper No. 13 of the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.
Sylvia C. P. Reynolds, 2002 A catalogue of alien plants in Ireland Occasional Papers No. 14 : pp 414

Paul Green, 2008 Flora of County Waterford
Seán Howard, 1986 Flora of County Longford
Handy Guide to identifying Aquatic plants in Ireland