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last updated: 3rd April 2006

Mibora minima Eastern section of Cannawee dune-system, Bartley Cove, near Mizen Head, West Cork (V7625); 17 May 2005; Tony O'Mahony.
This diminutive grass of sand dunes has probably been overlooked in Ireland and may occur more extensively on the south coast.
Irish Botanical News, No.16, March 2006
Timmia norvegica
[Timmia austriaca]
Benbulben, Co. Sligo. Nick Hodgetts
This rare Arctic-alpine moss was recorded for Benbulben in 1970 during a visit by the British Bryological Society in 1970. Re-examination of the material has revealed that all the material is in fact Timmia norvegica.
Irish Naturalists Journal 27 (2004) 443-444.
Amphidium lapponicum Cliff crevice, 510m, Mweelrea (L7967) West Mayo; 4 July 2003; David Long.
Arctic-alpine moss previously known from S.Wales to Northern Scotland.
Irish Naturalist' Journal (2005) 28(1): 7
Aongstroemia longipes Sandy ground in an old sand quarry E of Pollranny, Achill sound (F7500) West Mayo; 9 July 2003; David Holyoak.
Northern moss previously known from rather few localities in Scotland.
Irish Naturalist' Journal (2005) 28(1): 7
Bryum gemmiparum Limestone on or near the shores of Lough Carra and Lough Mask: SW of Caher on E shore of Lough Mask (M1463), East Mayo; 21 May 2003; David Holyoak.
A southern species of moss, Endangered in Britain, and currently known from Devon and South Wales.
Irish Naturalist' Journal (2005) 28(1): 7
Bryum knowltonii Moss mat on top of limestone bolder in inundation-zone, west shore Lough Carra, S of Brownstown (M1970), East Mayo; 15 October.
Irish Naturalist' Journal (2005) 28(1): 7
Atriplex longipes Three specimens at north end of 'Scot Pine A Pond' Little Island (S6511), 25 October, confirmed by Dr John Akeroyd (DBN)
Ephemerum spinulosum Beside a reservoir, Co.Antrim
A new moss to Europe.
Journal of Bryology
23 (2001): 139-141
Ephemerum hibernicum Lough Oughter, Co Cavan.
This moss, described from the Irish material in 2005, was briefly an Irish endemic, but has since been found in Wales and Spain.
Journal of Bryology
27 (2005): 89-95
Ranunculus tripartitus Baltimore, Co. Cork; 3rd April 2000; Andy Jones and Richard Lansdown.
First collection for 100 years; Almost certainly the same site from which Phillips first collected it in 1896.
herbarium spec
Callitriche palustris Coole Nature Reserve, Co. Clare; 4th July 1999; John Bruinsima.
This central European species is characteristic of seasonal lakes.
This name has been erroneously applied to C. platycarpa in the past, but this is the first genuine record for the British Isles.
herbarium spec
Taraxacum amarellum Offaly, Shannonbridge: right bank of Shannon near the bridge, coll. 1994.
A new endemic microspecies of Taraxacum.
Monogr. Taraxacum sect. Palustria: 23 (1998)