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last updated: 21st October 2005
Ennis, T., 2003 Lapland marsh orchid, Dactylorhiza lapponica Laest. ex Hartman, in Ireland.
Eurorchis no. 15: 67-70.
First confirmed record for the species in Ireland.
Nelson, E.C., 2005 Erica mackiana and Erica x stuartii: two heathers new to South Kerry (H1).
Watsonia 25 (4):414-417.
Erica mackiana discovered by David Edge in July 2003; side of road from Cahersiveen, via Raheens townland, & Ballaghisheen Pass, between bridges west of forest entrance; V 574 779. Previously only known from Donegal, Mayo and Galway.
Rich, T.C.G., Lockton, A.J. and Parnell, J. 2005 Distribution of the Irish Whitebeam, Sorbus hibernica.
Watsonia 25 (4):369-380.
Compilation of records: 150 localities in 150 hectads in 29 VCs.
Stace, C.S. 2005 Plants found in Ireland but not in Britain
Watsonia 25 (3):296-298.
Listings of the native and naturalised plants found in Ireland but not in Britain. Based on editing of VC census catalogue.