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11th April 2007

alien species All-Ireland Alien Species Forum
12th April 2007

A page dedicated to target 10 of the National Plant Conservation Strategy has been established . . .

Inaugural meeting of Global Partnership for Plant Conservation meets at Glasnevin
26th October 2005

The Global Partnership for Plant Conservation (GPPC) was established to promote and support the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. The meeting held at the National Botanic Gardens brought together 120 delegates from 37 countries. For three days, from October 23rd - 25th, programmes of some of the international agencies were outlined, and experiences of implemeting the strategy at National Level were discussed. A number of brainstorming sessions were held to develop ways and means for strengthening and measuring the effectiveness of the Global Strategy.
See the Garden news pages for further information.
The powerpoint presentations and Draft Dublin Statement are also available here.
Further details are available at the Partnership Web site: www.plants2020.net/gppc/

Developing a Strategic Plan for Irish Plant Conservation
30th September 2005

A Stakeholder Meeting was held at the National Botanic Gardens on the 28th/29th September to discuss the establishment and development of a National Strategy for Plant Conservation in Ireland. This is a national response to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC).
The meeting was attended by 43 delegates, including 12 Vice-county recorders from the BSBI.
The 16 targets that had been developed from the GSPC (see GSPC Focal point web page) were adopted following brainstorming sessions on records, important areas of plant diversity, Invasive alien species, and public awareness.
The results of the brainstorming sessions are available here.
The latest draft targets are available here additions and deletions are marked in underlined or strikethrough respectively. The interactive version of these targets, with links to ongoing or completed targets is under Ireland's National Strategy for Plant Conservation.
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Ireland's National Plant
Conservation Strategy

The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)