A web page for keeping up to date with current plant research in Ireland relevant to the conservation of the Irish Flora

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21 March 2009

A discussion took place at the recent IPSAM meeting at Trinity College (19 March), which has helped to clarify and extend the scope and purpose behind an on-line compilation of research projects relevant to the conservation of the Irish Flora. Although some participants felt that the forum was 're-inventing the wheel', no previous attempts have sustained themselves or provided the information we need to conserve and protect our flora. The present effort is dependent upon contributions from institutions and individuals across the country. The plan is to keep it simple at all times, and simply to provide an all-island 'notice-board' to projects. Once sufficient projects have been submitted we will develop an index by keywords, subject area and taxa.

To compile summaries and contact details of research that may be relevant to conserving or understanding the Irish flora - both native and introduced.
  • The webpage will provide summaries to on-going research on a strictly Project-based level and on an All-Ireland basis
  • Submissions are invited from any ongoing, or recent, research relevant to the Irish flora and/or its Conservation
  • Habitats, Invasive aliens and Policy-based studies, as well as Quaternary, Evolutionary, Genetic and Taxonomic studies are all welcomed
  • Land-use, Agricultural and Urban-based projects, as well as Physiology or Biochemistry-based projects may all be relevant to the scope of this page
  • Studies based on taxa beyond Ireland's shores may also be of value since they provide a valuable skill-set relevant to nationally-based work
The main purpose behind the forum is to provide information, and establish links between, research that may be relevant to conserving Ireland's Flora. All researchers need access to previous knowledge, skills and publications relevant to their work. This webpage hopes to provide the first-step towards such information on the Irish flora. In the long term it will also provide a record of research for which publication may be delayed or only circulated on a narrow basis.
  • The forum will provide up-to-date summaries to projects and will assist in fostering links between researchers
  • Provide a summary of available skills and techniques being developed across the country to assist researchers needing access to such knowledge
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